Our Resident Dogs


Remy prefers 5 x 10 climate-controlled units. A minimalist at heart, Remy keeps a conservative rotation of leashes in this small closet-sized units. Remy’s quality over quantity stance keeps him true to his minimalist mindset.


Willie is a sporty guy through-and-through. He prefers non-climate-controlled units because his owner stores his camping gear in one. Willie knows they are in for an adventure when his owner pulls up to that trusty 10 x 10 to grab camping gear!


Fitz’s generous collection of dog beds, dog bowls, and fetch toys keep his 10 x 30 climate-controlled unit filled. Just ask Fitz how many different stuffed duck toys he has! He also likes to store his rotation of different dog houses because everyone should have a winter and summer dog house, right? :) 


Stella’s all smiles when the car pulls up to visit her gorgeous 5 x 5 climate-controlled unit. Her unit is stocked full of camping and beach gear, so she can take a quick beach or State Park trip whenever she wants. Stella is loving life thanks to her awesome and convenient storage unit.