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5×5 Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit

Sometimes you just need a bit more room. Maybe you live in a small apartment, or your roommate got the master suite, or you have something that just can’t seem to fit anywhere. With its highly compact size and year-round climate control, our 5×5 self-storage units can help!

A 5×5 unit is the size of a smaller walk-in closet, like you might find in a guest bedroom. It can easily house a single mattress set, a dresser, and an assortment of smaller boxes. It’s also ideal for stuff that’s only occasionally used, like sports equipment or seasonal clothing.

All of our 5×5 units are climate-controlled, so they stay at a constant temperature year round.

Uses for a 5×5 Climate-Controlled Unit

A 5×5 storage unit is ideal for something small but important, or as temporary storage for smaller items while moving. Some uses include:

  • Small, precious collections. A library of brittle, old books. Rare vinyl records from the 70s. Precise musical instruments. Stamps printed on thin paper. This small, climate-controlled unit can keep them safe without wasting space.
  • Beer and wine. Treated yourself to a bottle of your favorite beverage? Let it age to perfection in one of our climate-controlled units.
  • Garden tools. Space at a premium? Stash away some of those special tools you don’t use every day, or put them aside for the winter.
  • Valuable documents. Social security cards, birth certificates, diplomas, and other things not easily replaced are safe here.

Stacking Tips

In a 5×5 unit, vertical space becomes much more important. If you have to stack your items, consider these tips:

  • For delicate items, invest in rigid, plastic storage over cardboard boxes.
  • Put your heaviest stuff on the bottom.
  • Something not fitting? Try turning it vertically! This is particularly useful for mattresses and tables.
  • Avoid totally vertical stacks; stagger boxes, like in a brick wall, for greater stability.