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Rugs are more than just a floor covering, or a way to keep your feet warm: they’re art. Even if your rugs aren’t the finest handmade oriental specimens, they’re still beautiful items of home décor that, with proper care, can be enjoyed for a long time.

There may come a time when your rug has to be put out of use for a while, perhaps during a move or a remodel. It’s important to store the rug properly so that it can be enjoyed later.


First things first: clean your rug!

How you clean your rug is largely determined by what type of rug it is. Be sure to be careful, as certain fabrics and weaves can fall apart with routine cleaning methods.

Most traditional rugs, like the type you buy in big box stores, just need a good vacuuming and wash. Braided rugs are often (but not always) machine washable in a mesh laundry bag. For stains, use a Rug Doctor or bottled carpet cleaner, followed by a thorough rinse.

Handmade or knotted rugs are where things get tricky. Washing should be strictly left to professionals, but you can vacuum it yourself if you cover it with a nylon screen. The screen allows dust to be sucked out of the rug while protecting delicate fibers from the vacuum brush and wheels.

If in doubt, contact a professional rug cleaner in your area.


You’ll want some basic supplies before storing your rug.

Even in a controlled storage environment, you should prepare for bugs and moths that can enter your unit when opening and closing the door. Consider an insect and moth repellent designed for fabrics.

You’ll also want to roll the rug up – never fold a rug. If you have trouble doing it freehand, you can use a metal or wooden rod as a guide.


When it comes time to put the rug in your unit, wrap it in a breathable fabric like cotton or muslin, secured with cotton or polyester tape. Note that plastic is a bad idea, as it can trap harmful moisture in the rug. Also be sure to store it off the ground and to not lay anything on top of it!

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