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Don’t Make These 4 Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Careful planning can take a lot of the trouble out of moving, and these are some common mistakes you should avoid!

DIY Without Research

Looking to save pennies? Not hiring professional movers can help, but it can also bring unexpected challenges. While packing boxes is so easy even the kids can help, certain big-ticket items require special equipment and planning. You don’t want to realize halfway down the stairs that you needed moving straps.

This planning should also extend to your order of operations. Plan what rooms are moved and when. For instance, you might need to clear a path in your living room before the fridge comes out.

Skimping on Supplies

Whether it’s packing tape or even an extra pair of scissors, you should always buy more than you need. You should also buy stuff that’s not strictly for packing or moving. Get bottled water to keep the team hydrated. Grab wipes and paper towels for unexpected spills. Bring quality fabric gloves to minimize blisters. The list goes on; use your imagination and think of what you might need.

Skipping Disassembly

Some furniture can’t be disassembled. But when it can, this step – time-consuming as it may be – can prevent a lot of headaches. This is especially true for delicate items like floor lamps, where a single bump can shatter a shade or bend metal beyond repair. This also helps save space, meaning you take fewer trips and finish moving sooner.

Not Labeling Boxes

Similar to disassembly, this is another step that can seem annoying and time-consuming at first. But labeling boxes will save you trouble when you just want to finish unpacking after a long day. Make sure your labels are exact, too: for instance “living room bookcase bottom,” not just “living room.”

Are you planning a big move? Self-storage is a great place to temporarily keep your valuables, or store extra stuff your new home doesn’t have room for. With convenient access to the Triad and Triangle, Hillsborough Self-Storage offers both standard and climate-controlled storage units. Contact us today for a free estimate, and learn how we can make your next move a breeze!

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