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Tips for Packing a Non-Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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While climate-controlled units are obviously the clear winner in storage solutions, for long-term storage, standard units are far more cost-effective. That being said, the lack of climate control means you need to take some precautions with certain belongings. If you want to protect your things while saving some money, follow these tips.

Organization and Packing

When you take everything back out of your unit, the last thing you need is confusion! One of the easiest ways to save space in your unit is to disassemble everything: furniture, electronics, you name it.

If you take things apart, label them clearly so you know how to reassemble. This is especially relevant for electronics: label plugs and wires with colored post it notes or tape.

When arranging items, keep the sturdiest items near the door. Sensitive items, like electronics and antiques, should be placed at the back of the unit. Be careful when stacking, as too much weight can damage cushions and warp wood over time.


More than anything, mold loves moisture. Moisture accumulation is seriously mitigated by airflow. As a result, leave space between objects in your unit! This is especially true for furniture, wood, and other easily-soaked items.

You will also need to wrap many of your items to prevent scratches. When possible, do not use plastic! Its non-porous nature traps moisture. Instead, use craft paper or blankets. If you don’t have original boxes for electronics, store them in a new box with packing peanuts. These provide cushion while allowing for some airflow.


You need to thoroughly clean all of your items before storing them. Vacuum and shampoo all furniture, and make sure it is extremely dry. Even the slightest bit of leftover moisture can result in a mildew disaster. A special note for wood: make sure you clean and wax it before storing. The wax provides an extra barrier against moisture.

You should also consider purchasing moisture absorbers. These affordable little devices last up to six months and significantly reduce moisture in your unit, all while requiring no power.

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