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Storage Moisture and Your Valuables

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“Store in a cool, dry place.” If you’ve purchased just about anything, you’re probably used to seeing those words on care descriptions. That’s because for many items in your home, moisture is a mortal enemy! It distorts, warps, ages, and otherwise damages.

So how does moisture get into an otherwise dry home? More importantly, how does it cause damage?

Moisture Intrusion in Your Home

The vast majority of your home is moisture-proof…at least when it’s functioning correctly. Your closets, spare bedroom, and cupboard under the stairs are rarely a problem. But many homeowners may turn to an unfinished basement or even a crawl space for storing certain items when they run out of room.

Because these are usually below ground level, they are far more susceptible to moisture intrusion. Attics, with their proximity to the roof and subsequently the elements, are susceptible to the same problems without regular care.

The sources of such moisture are not always obvious. For instance, a clothes dryer or washing machine can steam up a basement. Open windows in the summertime can let humid air in, trapping moisture in wood and concrete construction. Even those thick concrete walls are naturally porous, and can let moisture in over time as sealants break down.

By contrast, a storage unit is professionally maintained, and many allow for climate and humidity controls that your basement or attic may not be equipped with!


Moisture has many damaging effects on the materials of antiques, furniture, electronics, and many other items in your home.

  • Wood: wood naturally expands and contracts based on the moisture in its environment. Naturally, unsealed wood will warp when exposed to moisture. Protect your tables, desks, and chairs!
  • Metal: the obvious bad guy here is rust, but it can sometimes lurk in places you wouldn’t think to look. Vintage electronics like computers and radios can rust from the inside out.
  • Fabric: thanks to its excellent moisture retention properties, fabric soaks up more than water: it can be a hotbed for mold growth.


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