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How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

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Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that packing is much more difficult than it seems at first. It’s equal parts art and science, and requires patience and careful planning to accomplish. If you’re using a self-storage unit for your next move – or just for some extra space – make sure you pack it properly.

Label Everything

This should be obvious, but in the haze of moving and packing, labels can be easily forgotten! Keep a roll of thick masking tape and a Sharpie on hand, and make sure to label every single box. It helps to place labels on each side so that you can still read them if things get moved around.

You should also note which boxes are fragile. This is especially important for a small business or other scenarios where more than one person will access the self-storage unit. This can be further alleviated by creating an inventory beforehand, especially if you have multiple units.

Choose Containers Wisely

When packing smaller items in a self-storage unit, you’ll typically use one of two options: a cardboard box or a plastic storage container. Both are easy enough to come by, and both have pros and cons.

Cardboard boxes are usually easy to find in a standard size, and are less susceptible to warping from weight. However, they are intolerant of humidity and moisture, so they work best in climate-controlled unit. Plastic containers are often stackable and provide a better seal, but they also warp – especially the lids. So be careful with heavy items when using plastic storage units.

Remember Safety and Accessibility

As with labeling, it’s easy to forget when packing things up that you one day have to get them back out! So make sure to stack and arrange items safely. Always remember that heavier objects go on the bottom, and lighter objects go on the top.

You’ll also need to get back in here at some point, so make sure to leave a pathway of some kind. For an average sized self-storage unit, an aisle down the center will do nicely.

Hillsborough Self-Storage offers safe, easily accessible storage units for all use cases! We also offer climate-controlled self-storage units for sensitive items. Contact us today for a free estimate!

  1. Hazel Owens

    That’s good to know that cardboard boxes aren’t good in humid climates and that plastic containers can
    warp if there are heavy items. My husband and I are planning to move into our home in a couple months but
    we’ll have to stay in an apartment for a month while the house is finished being built, so we wanted to find a
    place to store a lot of our stuff until then. Once we find a storage unit, we’ll have to see if it’s climate-
    controlled so we can use boxes, but if not we’ll have to buy plastic bins and be careful with the weight.

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