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Bringing Vintage Electronics Back to Life

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There are a lot of reasons to bring old electronics back out to play. Maybe you have some vintage LPs begging to be played, or some favorite video games to share with your kids. Maybe you want to sell them to enthusiasts for a quick buck. Maybe you’re just curious!

Vintage electronics are as fun to tinker with as they are to use, and can be a valuable learning experience. Here are a few things to know before diving in.

Circuits and Power

Before plugging in old electronics – especially if you think they may have been damaged – take a look inside. This will help identify what needs to be repaired, and if it’s repairable at all. Some basic tips follow:

  • Circuit Boards: water damage is actually not the end sometimes! If you see water damage on a circuit board, clean it with alcohol and a toothbrush, and dry very thoroughly with an air dryer on cold setting.
  • Batteries: if the device has removable batteries, clean around the terminals, as acid from the battery may have leaked. Be sure to wear gloves for protection.
  • Capacitors: a very common failure point on older electronics – especially handheld ones – are the capacitors, tiny devices that mitigate the flow of electricity. They’re easy to replace; you can buy them from any electronics store, and can find basic soldering tutorials on YouTube. A bad capacitor may be swollen or have ooze seeping out of it.
  • Screens: eBay and enthusiast shops are easy sources for replacements.

Mechanical and Structural Parts

Mechanical parts are more prone to wear and tear due to the forces of friction they encounter. Here are some basic tips for checking them out:

  • Rubber: look for dry rot and cracking that can damage delicate seals or vibration dampeners. These can cause water intrusion, bad vacuum seals, or annoying vibrations.
  • Moving Parts: make sure things are lubricated! Lots of vintage electronics – especially record players – can benefit from a good lube job. Check screws and fasteners for these parts for rust, too.
  • Plastic: check for cracks or warping, as these can affect your device’s lifespan. Plastic can often be patched with simple hot glue.

Unsure where to get started with your device? Check enthusiast forums or Reddit for like-minded individuals! You may find pics, tutorials, or friendly folks who can answer your questions.

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