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The life of a college student is usually up in the air. Your future is uncertain, your home can change by the semester, and a busy social and academic life fill up the precious space on your calendar. You’ve got more things to worry about than your stuff, yet with space often at a premium it’s an important priority!

A self-storage unit provides a safe, reliable, and easy way to simplify college student storage needs. Hillsborough Self-Storage also has units in a wide array of sizes, meaning it also fits into a ramen-friendly budget! Here are some great ways our units can ease the stress of college.

Extra Space

For a college student, space is often at a premium. You’re crammed into a dorm room, sometimes with a stranger. Even off-campus, a roomy apartment can be costly or just impossible to come by! For some students this is no problem. But if you’re in seasonal sports, have a space-consuming hobby or just can’t bear the thought of leaving some stuff at home, it’s a big deal!

Self-storage units alleviate that issue. You can store your gear for sports, special use items like a tent, or less-used clothes like a suit or fancy dress. It’s a great way to reclaim space in your home!

Simplified Moving

Unless you’ve got a job or classes, you likely won’t be staying in your college town for the summer. Many student leases – especially for dorms – simply don’t exist during the summer, or have separate (sometimes higher) prices. But the move back and forth, especially across country, is awful!

A self-storage unit fixes this problem. When you move out for the summer, just haul things down the road rather than across state lines! It gives you more time to enjoy your break, and the parents with cars will be happy, too.


If you’re out of your apartment for the summer or semester – maybe you’re at home, or studying abroad – is your stuff safe? An empty apartment is a prime target for burglaries, and you likely won’t know until you return.

If you need to leave your apartment or dorm for a while, consider a self-storage unit. Hillsborough Self-Storage is secure and monitored by cameras, so you know that your things are secure. As an added bonus, storing your stuff temporarily is also ideal for subleasing a room during a semester abroad!

Are you a college student looking for an affordable, practical storage solution? Hillsborough Self-Storage offers standard and climate-controlled storage units for students in the Triad or Triangle areas, including Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. Contact us today for a quote, and let’s get your stuff where it belongs!

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