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Preparing Lawn Equipment for Winter Storage

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Your lawn equipment is a significant investment. It serves you well in the warmest months of the year, holding back the forces of nature from reclaiming your yard. When winter comes, it goes into hibernation. Shouldn’t you make sure it’s comfortable?

Properly storing your mower, weed eater, and other small-engined equipment can help it start up easily when spring comes. Most importantly, it can boost its lifespan and prevent annoying repairs!

Here are some basic tips for preparing your lawn equipment for winter.


Gas goes stale! The culprit is oxygen: within 30 days of being pumped, it can actually gum up. This causes significant problems in your carburetor, the little assembly that delivers gas to your engine. A clogged carburetor means difficult starts, rough running, and a repair bill.

The easiest method to solve this problem is obvious: get rid of the gas. You can pour it out and put it in your car, or burn it up in the engine with one last job. If you have a bigger tank – like in a riding mower – you can add fuel stabilizer to the fuel so it doesn’t go to waste. You can pick some up for under ten bucks at a local auto parts store.


As it lubricates all of your engine’s parts, oil is typically very busy. When it sits idle it has similar issues to gasoline: it gets gummy and nasty. You can prevent this problem by draining the oil for the winter!

On most small engines, you just remove the oil cap, tip the thing over, and let it all run out; this applies to push mowers, weed eaters, and gas-powered blowers. Many higher-end models (and most riding mowers) have a drain plug. You can safely recycle the oil at most auto shops.

When spring comes around, just refill the oil and you’re good to go! You might want to leave a note so you don’t start the engine prematurely.


While your equipment is idle, it’s a great time for maintenance. Spray some carburetor cleaner into your carburetor; it’s typically right above your gas tank, next to the air filter. You can also change your spark plug, a procedure that only requires a spark plug socket and a ratchet. Your local hardware store can find the right size plug for your engine, and it’ll typically run you only a few bucks.

Need a place to store your lawn equipment?

Hillsborough Self-Storage offers both standard and climate-controlled units, ideal for keeping delicate engines out of winter’s grasp. Our smaller units are perfect for your weed eater or blower, and units as large as 10×20 can even fit a riding mower!

Contact Hillsborough Self-Storage today and let’s keep your equipment safe.

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