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Whether you’re moving to Hillsborough or Hong Kong, moving is usually chaotic.

Dividing your possessions into boxes is simple in theory, but in practice has unexpected obstacles. In the midst of a hectic move, the last thing you need is to have your belongings scattered haphazardly across dozens of boxes. Packing with purpose will allow you to organize and secure your things to ensure everything arrives to your new home (or storage unit!)


Before you get started, gather up the necessary materials. You can reuse spare boxes or original boxes – especially critical for electronics – or you can buy them from a trusted retailer. Avoid using boxes that are too thin — they tend to fold and break under pressure. If you have a lot of heavy stuff or need more protection, consider a plastic storage crate.

Invest in some quality packaging tape while you’re at it. Duct tape and masking tape simply aren’t up to the job. Bubble wrap, packing paper and paper pads can all come in handy when it comes time to pack fragile valuables. In a pinch, newspaper will do.


To begin, pack each box with a layer of crumpled paper at the bottom. This helps protect the belongings inside should the box itself get dirty. Durable items like pillows or pots and pans can be placed inside the boxes on their own, but fragile items like speakers or glassware should be wrapped in paper. Consider investing in a styrofoam dish pack for china.

Label each box as you finish and give each box a number. For next level organization, keep a running list of what is in each box on your cell phone. It’ll make finding the coffee mugs a lot easier the morning of your move!

Bookworms beware: when packing up your bookshelves, avoid overloading boxes. Instead, pack boxes designed to carry books. They are typically 1.5 cubic feet and measure 17’’x12 3/8’’x 12 3/8’’, meaning the box will fill up long before it becomes too heavy to carry. Place books spine down to best protect the pages inside.

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