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Temperature, Humidity, and Your Stuff: Why Climate Control Matters

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There are many reasons to use a storage unit. Sometimes you just need seasonal storage for rarely used items. Sometimes you need extra space while moving.

But when you’re looking at the long haul, it’s about protection. Protecting your valuables, your memories, your most prized possessions. In that case, it pays to invest in a climate-controlled unit! Below, we’ve outlined some of the effects temperature and humidity changes can have on your most precious stuff.

Wine and Beer

Potent potables are tricky beasts, made with the utmost care. If you’re storing them long term – especially for aging – they deserve a controlled environment.

Wine, in particular, is picky about how it is stored. Heat can significantly alter its flavor, replacing those lovely tannins and fruit notes with an astringent tanginess. The irony is that this is most wines in storage are older, precious bottles – precisely the ones most delicate. Beer drinkers, you’re not off the hook: temperature transforms your flavors, too. Lack of humidity can also dry out corks, causing leakage and even more off flavors.


Want to preserve a great piece of culture? Make sure you do it in a safe place. Canvases and wooden frames easily absorb moisture, fraying threads and cracking at the seams. Heat can also crack paint, permanently damaging it.

Music is also easily damaged, especially vinyl records. Vinyl warps in high temperatures, and paper covers are a prime environment for mold.


Computers and electronics have many delicate components. Plastic can warp when repeatedly exposed to high temperatures, and excessive humidity can damage circuit boards and rust metal. This is especially true if you’re storing irreplaceable family photos or valuable financial data.

The same holds true for LCD screens and batteries. Batteries, in particular, can lose their charging ability when repeatedly exposed to temperature fluctuations.


Storing valuable furniture? Chances are it’s made of wood, and wood does not like unpredictable environments. Wood responds to temperature changes by expanding and contracting. Over time, this can warp and crack your precious antiques!

Humidity, too, is not a kind mistress. Moisture build up in upholstery or rugs can turn to mildew, weakening their strength and proving very difficult to clean.

Are you storing valuables that require a controlled environment? Hillsborough Self-Storage offers climate controlled storage units in six different sizes. All of these units maintain a consistent temperature humidity year-round, and some are available with 24-hour access! You can get a free quote online, or call us today!

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