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How Can Your Small Business Use a Self Storage Unit?

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One of the most difficult (and often expensive) parts of a small business is space. It can be a serious barrier to growth. If you run it from home, you risk literally living at the office; if you have store space, you risk turning your client-facing areas into an inventory closet.

A self-storage unit is the solution! Our secure units are available with round-the-clock access, climate control, and other useful features. A variety of sizes are available for everything from a few filing cabinets to entire shelving units.

Check out our self-storage ideas for your small business below!


With so much space going to the kitchen and dining rooms, restaurants face unique storage challenges. Your hole-in-the-wall place downtown looks cute, but isn’t accommodating for excess stuff! Our extra-large storage units are ideal for storing spare furniture or seasonal décor! If you recently upgraded your kitchen equipment, you can easily store your old stuff here until it sells or you find another use for it.

Online-Only Businesses

Getting into the eBay trade? Running a Pinterest or Etsy shop? Store your excess inventory with us! Our small and medium-sized units are perfect for securely storing your used electronics, crafts, art, or other items. Keeping excess inventory out of the house gives you more room to relax, as well as protecting it from rowdy kids, accidents, and other hazards of daily life.

Antique Collectors

Your precious antiques are sold to discerning collectors; it’s important to keep them in collector-worthy condition. Our storage units come in sizes as large as 200 square feet, with plenty of room for benches, tables, bedroom furniture, and other large pieces. Climate controlled units keep them safe from both the elements and extreme temperatures.

Business Professionals

In accounting, consulting, or another white-collar independent business? Don’t keep your least accessed records at home: leave them with us! Our 5×5 and 5×10 units are just room enough for filing cabinets filled with receipts, tax returns, inventory records, and more. Secure premises keep them safe, and our 24/7 access schedules can meet you whenever.

Does your small business need room to grow? Hillsborough Self-Storage can provide you with the solution! Request a unit online today, and let’s get started.

  1. Deb Pearl

    I never thought about using a self-storage unit to hold excess
    inventory. That would be really nice to be able to have my small online
    store’s inventory kept safe and out of the way when I don’t need it. I
    will have to consider getting one to help me save some space!

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