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Packing Tips That Can Simplify Your Move

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Moving is rarely fun, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! The task of putting your entire life into boxes can seem daunting, and the process can be physically demanding. That’s why preparation and planning are so important!

Part of that preparation comes from packing. Proper organization can protect your items, minimize stress, and make things easier to find after the move is complete.

Here are some packing tips that can streamline your move!

Be Mindful of Weight

Always put heavier items on the bottom of each box. This may sound obvious, but in the frenzy of moving can be easily forgotten. As you pack up a room, consider sorting items by their weight before packing them; this can prevent any accidental smooshing.

Pack Dishes Vertically

Dishes do best when they’re stacked like a record collection: on their sides. The vertical arrangement will let you get more space out of each box, and better distributes any accidental impacts. Line the box with towels, and make sure to put bubble wrap or more towels between each dish.

Cover Your Lids

Packing cleaning supplies, toiletries, paints, or any other liquids? Do yourself a favor: wrap the lids in saran wrap, or stick them in a plastic bag. A leak can mean disaster after a long, exhausting day of moving. Pack them separately too, just to be extra safe.

Use Original Boxes When Possible

For your television, electronics, and small appliances, it pays to save boxes! The originals are designed for shipment, and often feature Styrofoam or plastic molds to better support the item. Dig deep in your attic and closets; it could pay off by saving your stuff.

Know Your Boxes

Cardboard boxes are definitely the easiest option for any move, but for certain heavyweight items, plastic crates can be much safer. They often feature handles, making a two-person lift much easier, and can be repurposed for permanent storage when you move in.

No Room? Try a Storage Unit!

If you’re merging households, getting a smaller place, or just need room to store extra stuff, Hillsborough Self-Storage can help. Our storage units can accommodate your boxes, furniture, and other belongings while you figure things out. We also sell moving supplies!

If you need self-storage in Hillsborough, Mebane, Efland, Chapel Hill or the Western Triangle, come by Hillsborough Self-Storage! We can help you get settled.

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